Funky Business talent makes capital dance

In Funky Business – Talent makes capital dance, Kjell A. Nordström & Jonas Ridderstråle launch a manifesto for the new world of business. Forget what has come before; this is the future for organizations and leaders.

We are all condemned to freedom. We cannot delegate the understanding of what drives tomorrows society to politicians and executives. The funky future is here and now it’s all up to you. Funky Business is essential reading for those trying to learn the language and recipes of the new economy.

Funky Business tells us that the new world is different. Forget the old world order. Forget what you knew yesterday. The revolutionary reality is that 1.3 kilograms of brain holds the key to all our futures. Competitive advantage comes from being different. Increasingly, difference comes from the way people think rather than what organizations make. Today, the only thing that makes capital dance is talent. In such times we cannot have business as usual – we need funky business.


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Kjell A. Nordström och Jonas Ridderstråle är parhästarna bakom succéer som Funky Business, Funky Business Forever och Karaoke Capitalism.