Pride Letters

  • 1 min

I’m gonna write this post in English because… it just makes more sense. Today me and Sandra got a lovely bouquet of flowers from Stockholm Pride, along with a letter asking us to help them find Youtube user Civilwarguy100  who posted a comment on this video of people celebrating the passing of the equal marriage bill in June. 

I love lilies and roses almost as much as I love equal rights, so off course I want to help.  I also really like the simple idea of love bombing the anonymous haters that so many of us, for different reasons, have to deal with on-line. Civilwarguy100 is just one of many people Pride wants to invite to the festival. 

So: do you have a friend or co-worker that occasionally dresses up in weird hats and waves the Confederate flag? That could be our guy. Give him a hug and send him my way. I’ll try to rally some money for a plane ticket to Stockholm. 

If you don’t, just send him some love by commenting on his Youtube page