En efterlysning

  • 2 min

Vi på CCM (avdelningen på Handels där jag forskar) är i desperat behov av en ny logga. Och eftersom så otroligt många av ni smarton som läser det här är duktiga på form tänkte jag att det kanske skulle gå att göra ett utbyte? Se förslag enligt nedan. Studenter, byråer, frilansare, alla får hemskt gärna vara med. Och om du inte själva är lagd åt formhållet, tipsa gärna någon du känner!

Brief: New logo for CCM

Center for Consumer Marketing (CCM) is a research department at Stockholm School of Economics (Handels). Our job is to do research on the hottest topics in consumer marketing, advertising and retailing, as well as teaching a number of courses at the school. We are currently 12 people in the department. If you work in marketing or advertising you might have heard of some of us, like Micael Dahlén, Magnus Söderlund, Sara Rosengren, Erik Modig and Nina Åkestam.

Today we don’t have a logo, but it’s about time we get one. It will primarily be used on our website and Facebook page, when we give lectures, in our courses and potentially for some merchandise. Ideally it should feature the possibility of a subscript (or similar) that we can adapt for different courses etc (for example: CCM – 750 Marketing Frontiers, which is the name and number of a course we give this spring). Other than that, we are open for any ideas.

Since we are not made of money (which might sound ironic since we’re part of a successful business school, but this is academia after all) we’d like to make you an offer. If you make our logo, we will fix you up with the latest research on any advertising topic of your choice. You pick the date, place, time, people – we deliver a lecture that expands your mind. Sounds like a deal?

Game plan

02 Apr: Brief

16 Apr: Submit rough ideas/sketches to nina.akestam@phdstudent.hhs.se. To limit your workload nothing has to be entirely fleshed out, as long as we understand the basic idea. Based on these ideas, we will pick a favorite.

23 Apr: We will get back to the winner, who gets all the time they need to complete the work. Once it’s done, we reward the winner with a lecture from one of our CCM:ers on the topic of your choice, worth around 50 000 SEK.

Questions? nina.akestam@phdstudent.hhs.se